About Us


In a construction market that, for many builders, is uncertain, it is becoming more and more important to choose a builder that you can trust. Many homeowners are left with projects uncompleted and the trust in their contractor is shattered. Often the abandoned homeowner is left to pay bills the contractor left behind. Northfork Construction has been in business since 1994 and takes pride in the fact that it is an organization where the customer has no worry that their contractor will disappear or go out of business.


On occasion there are unexpected issues that will come up during the course of a building project. It has been our experience that our customers are astonished that we take full responsibility for any errors that are ours and we correct these errors.


Our employees show up to the job every day, work for the entire day, and strive to complete the project in a timely manner. Often homeowners will have their contractor start their project, then disappear for a week, only to return after phone calls to the builder are made.


Northfork Construction Co. takes pride in the work we complete. Our employees work hard to deliver high-quality construction that will outlast our competitors. We stand behind our finished construction and in the event that any part of our construction is flawed, we will work in a timely manner to correct it. In order to back our warranty like we do, we set high standards on the bulding products and sub-contractors that we use. Northfork Construction Co. looks for manufacturers who will stand behind the products that we use. Maintainingour level of quality does sometimes add expense, but the expense is to insure peace of mind and pride to our customers.


A common practice among mant contractors is to get the customer to sign a contract wher ethe homeowner has one thing in mind, and the contractor has a much more minimal thing in mind. Once the project starts, items that the homeowner thought were included are charged as extras. The contractor who was once the low bidder suddenly is not such a great deal. Northfork Construction Co. makes every effort to ensure that we are on the same page as our customer. In almost every case, we present detailed descriptions in our estimates, showing line by line how our costs are generated. We work hard to be on common ground with the customer and urge people who we work with to ask questions and get clarifications as we move through the bidding process.